ERMES: Easy Reporting Matrix basEd Solution

Regulatory and Matrix reporting for Bank of Italy

Easy Reporting Matrix based SolutionERMES is a web based software compliant with the Bank of Italy’s Puma2 standards. ERMES was designed by SEFIN for the generation of the Regulatory reporting and the  communication management to the Central Credit Register.


Easy Reporting Matrix basEd Solution

The ERMES web solution helps the user in each reporting step thanks to its friendly and exhaustive interface.


ERMES solution benefits


The main functions of the systems are based on the rules described in complex tables “external” to the application programs and, therefore, also manageable by personnel without specific technical knowledge.


Based on the analyses of the PUMA2 working groups, the data required to produce the various reports is pooled.


There are specific table structures which, prepared by the individual intermediaries, constitute an important tool for customisation of the procedure for extraction of data from corporate information systems.

Single reference documentation

The decision table and all the technical documentation (analysis sheets, original/derivative lists, etc.) related to banks are processed in a “single” version which can be used both by the matrix as well as the accounts line.



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