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Central Credit Register: the Manual for the Exchange of Information from the Analytical Survey of Active Rates (TAXIA) has been published

The Bank of Italy has published the Manual for the Exchange of Information from the Analytical Survey of Active Rates (TAXIA) with the purpose of explaining the technical details of the exchange of information regarding the Central Credit Risk on the collections side.

The following are described in this document:

  • The methods of communication with the application interface for data exchange via the Internet;
  • The methods for authentication, signature and encryption of the exchanged flows;
  • The structure of messages forwarded by reporters and whistleblowers to the Bank of Italy;
  • The diagnostic tools made available to the reporting intermediaries;
  • The controls during the collection phase and the forwarding of findings.

The main new features that will characterize the new infrastructure are as follows:

  • adoption of the XML format for all messages and communications of the Active Rates survey;  definition of the concept of “survey” similar to what is provided for all statistical surveys;
  • adoption of the interview protocol used in AnaCredit (sending/corrections/confirmations with regard to messages; remarks/reminders with regard to communications);
  • rationalization of current messages and communications, for example: a notification will be sent to inform the intermediary of the acquisition of the flow, containing the protocol attributed by the Bank of Italy to the sending;
  • use of the acronym “AT,” as qualifying the Information Collection Survey regarding the analytical survey of lending rates (TAXIA), in the various “USER_FLOWs”.


Consult the documentation: 

Manual for the Exchange of Information


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