SEFIN Easy Banca d'Italia

ICAAP Report (Pillar 2) – Public Disclosure (Pillar 3)

SEFIN provides a specific solution for financial intermediaries for financial intermediaries listed in the relevant register (Article 106 Legislative Decree 385/1993), that NOW are obliged to produce the ICAAP Report

Basel 2 requires compulsory production of the documentation for the ICAAP Report (Pillar 2) and of that for Public Disclosure (Pillar 3 – Market Regulation).

Our product is able to help in the preparation and drafting of all the material required to meet the obligations imposed by the regulation. It is an important aid for the compliance function against the risk of “non-compliance”.

Preparation of the ICAAP Report derives from complex calculations that produce all the necessary indices and involves a significant organisational cost in order to consolidate and manage in a centralised and secure manner this type of report that envisages publication of “sensitive data” to the outside world and logging of the documents themselves in order to ensure their management over time.

Eeasy ICAAP Report: the solution features

With its modular structure, the EasyIcaap solution allows entry at various levels, using what already operational (for example the supervision reports bases and loan impairment flow) and adding the missing module or modules, as well as providing data for:

  • Basilea 2 – New Agreement on Capital
  • Risk Section
  • Periodic Reporting and Monitoring on Capital Absorption.
  • Stress Test
  • Annual ICAAP Statement
  • Annual Report to the Public

Furthermore, the software is able to be configured to become an instrument supporting the Company’s compliance function against the risk of “non conformity” concerning, for example, monitoring the risks of Basilea 2.