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EBA Fraud Reporting PSD2 (EBAF)

EBA Fraud reportingFollowing the PSD2 Directive (EBA/GL/2018/05), the Regulator request to provide the EBA FRAUD REPORTING PSD2 (EBAF) to the intermediaries that offer payment services.

The EBA Fraud report has a different schema then the usual reports submitted by the official Infostat portal. In the 2020 the Intermediaries has to submit a half yearly report with a specific template. This is a provisional template that will change with a next regulatory updating (2022).

The Bank of Italy (BdI) prepared a practical reporting schema for the EBA GL to be used by the PSPs when reporting to the BdI and a list of logical validation data checks needed to ensure data quality.

SEFIN has provided to analyze the schema requested by the BdI and the information in order to complete the EBA Fraud report for their customers: Bank branches, Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Istitutions (EMIs).

As required in the EBA GL2, PSPs should report to BdI the values of the aggregated payment transactions and corresponding fraudulent transactions, as well as the losses due to fraud per liability bearer, in euro currency, regardless of the currency of the original individual transactions. To this end, the PSPs should convert the original data for values in a currency other than the euro, using the relevant exchange rates applied to these transactions or the average ECB reference exchange rate for the applicable reporting period (EBA GL Section 3.2, Guideline 2.3)…


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