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The Revenue Agency reporting

Sefin Spa offers a complete service to the Registry of Relations through the STAGE AT product, a flexible and functional software that allows the management of the mandatory communications of the headed, joint or on which taxpayers have the right to dispose as well as extra-account operations.

STAGE AT allows the management of monthly reports to the Registry of Reports and annual reports of Balances and Movements according to current legislation.

Communication data are identification data including tax/fiscal code of the customer (natural or legal person), the connected person data, such as delegate and beneficial owner, as well as data relating to nature and type of relationship, ultimately date of opening, modification and closure of the relationship itself.

Data changes in the information listed above, including terminations, as well as information relating to the new relationships established are also to be communicated in the monthly communication (within the end of the following month).

Otherwise, on an annual basis, the obliged parties communicate the data relating to the sales of specific type of relationships.

It is useful to remember that the annual communication has to be sent no later than the 15 th of February of the following year, while the monthly communication has to be sent within the end of the following month.


The Revenue Agency reporting tools

  • Financial Investigations – STAGE IF
  • Reporting to the Tax Register Information System – STAGE AT software
  • Fiscal Monitoring – STAGE AT
  • FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act