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Company fraud protection (whistleblowing)

For your company fraud protection, SEFIN provides a web application that enables companies in reporting fraud and promptly identify any corporate irregularities, abuses, fraud, thefts and activities that contravene laws or regulations, with the cooperation of their employees (whistleblowing).


With COMPANY PROTECTION, every employee can report such behaviour and receive feedback on his/her report, all under complete anonymity.

The corporate customer has a personalised website, which we manage, with one or more access codes reserved for its employees, through which abuses/fraud/thefts/irregularities occurring within the company can be reported, completely anonymously.
We take care of setting up and managing the report interface and, where applicable and in agreement with the corporate customer, of drawing up the code of ethics, training staff members and managing individual reports.

A number of web pages (Companyname/ which can be fully personalised, are available to the corporate customer, through which every employee can report irregularities and problems by means of a unique reporting code for all employees.

Management of the web pages and reports is all outsourced; with regard to reports, they are managed anonymously with the option of communicating with the whistleblower while remaining anonymous.