Tax register information system – STAGE AT

Existing relations and discontinued accounts related to each month must be sent to the Tax Register (archived thereafter in the specific special section “Accounts Archive”) by the end of the following month, including the new report of related balances and movement.

SEFIN will also transmit the file to the Revenue Agency, log and manage transmission receipts.

The Tax register information system STAGE AT

The system can be fed:

  • By means of a system of extractors from the management systems for the EBI companies
  • By means of the output function from the ARCWEB anti-money laundering procedure
  • By means of manual entry


Such software shall entail the provision:

  • Of managing requests to feed the Tax Register regarding both the initial recovery dispatches and when fully operational on a monthly basis
  • Of managing RESULTS
  • Of reporting Balances and Movements
  • Of carrying out data re-entry from 2011, where applicable
  • Of making reports on relevant transactions for VAT purposes, of an amount equal to or exceeding three thousand, six hundred Euros, the payment of which is made by credit, debit or prepaid cards


SEFIN shall also manage the dispatch of the file to The Revenue Agency, as well as logging and management of the receipt or delivery by means of Entratel and send the reports of balances and movements by means of the SID System, of which it has become NODE.