Anti-money Laundering Questionnaire

Thanks to AML Profile – the anti-money laundering questionnaire tool – you easily determine, for each customer, the risk, money laundering and terrorism profile, based on objective and subjective elements. This software  is based on the preparation of a questionnaire consisting of appropriate open and closed questions which have been assigned weights and the score that will determine the different risk levels (e.g. low, medium, high).

AML Profile: the perfect anti-money laundering questionnaire tool

  • Complete management: allows you to manage the entire life cycle of the questionnaire consisting of collection of the information, documentation and identification of the subject;
  • Accessibility of information from remote workstations: on peripheral workstations you do not need to configure any software or connection, but simply use Internet Explorer to connect, via the intranet or extranet, to the central server;
  • Logging of information processed: the application keeps a log of all data regarding the questions, answers and assessments, as well as all attachments;
  • Multi-institution and multi-type management: allows different institutes to be managed in a single server environment, helping to reduce hardware, systems and operating costs.
  • The User accesses the databases according to the ABI code specified when logging in to the product.

The AML Profile module is integrated to our Anti-money laudering suite solution