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Anti-Money Laundering software

Standardized Archive AUI – ARCWEB

ARCWEB is a Web system that allow the collection of the entire data flow requested by the Anti-Money Laundering regulation concerning the registration of the transactions in the Standardized Archives, formerly Single Computer Archive (i.e. AUI).

Through SEFIN web transactions, it is possible to upload data to ARCWEB under due control, manage any discards due to formal errors or data entry, as well as update the data previously recorded in the archive itself.

In this regard, before recording the flows desired by the customer in the Standardized Archive, ARCWEB launches an initial check through several predefined and mandatory settings according to AML regulations, such as the table of transaction codes, ATECO, Document Type, which determine the total or partial file upload. In case of anomalies, ARCWEB does not allow the file upload to the Standardized Archive and generates a discarded records report with a description of the anomalies; the discarded records have to be analyzed by the CLIENT in order to receive the proper indications to correct the data in the uploading file. This preventive diagnostic feature ensures the customer a formally correct archive consistent with the regulations.

ARCWEB also allows the generation of the so called Ministerial file 380 txt, necessary in the event of an request by the Bank of Italy or Guardia di Finanza or else used to perform a diagnostic of the entire archive (SEFIN can optionally provide the ArcCHECK diagnostic system) in case of an internal audit. Additionally to the complete download of the database in the Ministerial format, csv format is also available.