Anti-money laundering software

ARCWEB: anti-money laundering software & integrated services

The anti-money laundering software ARCWEB, realised once Law no. 197/1991 as amended came in force and as required thereof (transposition IV DIRECTIVE), is currently conform with the Banca d’Italia Measure bearing implementary provisions for keeping a special computer archive and for simplified methods of registration of 3 April 2013, updated as at 31 July 2015.

The web based software allows customers to easly manage Special Computer Archives, as requested by the Regulator (the amended 231/2007 regulation)

The anti-money laundering software allows:

  • Registers, accounts and movements to be batch fed
  • The management and feed of the Special Computer Archive
  • Accumulation of fractioned transactions
  • Production of all legal control and consultation statements
  • A function creating AUI files in ministerial format
  • Preparation of files for monthly reporting of S.AR.A. data aggregates
  • Generation of the monthly report for feeding the Revenue Agency reporting



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