Anti-Money Laundering software

ARCWEB: anti-money laundering software & integrated services

The AML procedure manages the entire flow of information to be collected for the purposes of the anti-money laundering provisions on the conservation of transactions in the Standardized Archives (Former Single Computer Archive).

Through specific web transactions, it is possible to upload data to Arcweb – Sefin Standardized Archive – under due control, manage any discards due to formal errors and / or enhancement of the fields, as well as update the data previously recorded in the archive itself.

In fact, for this purpose, Sefin’s Arcweb product, before recording the flows desired by the customer in the Standardized Archive, carries out preventive checks through a series of predefined and mandatory tables according to AML regulations – such as: the table of analytical causal, the ATECO table, the Document Type table – which determine the total or partial input load. In the case of anomalies, Arcweb does not allow loading in the Standardized Archive and generates waste files and explanation files of the same waste; the waste files must be duly analyzed by the customer, corrected and loaded enne times until the full load of the initial input flow. This preventive diagnostic function ensures the customer a formally correct archive consistent with the regulations.

It is certainly possible to extract the ministerial file 380 txt from Arcweb, necessary in the event of inspections by the Bank of Italy / Guardia di Finanza / UIF or used to perform a diagnostic of the entire archive (Sefin makes the ArcCHECK diagnostic available) in case of internal company audits. In addition to the complete download of the db in ministerial and csv format, through the specific search functions, it is also possible to view online all the personal data, all movements and reports correctly recorded in the Arcweb application.


The anti-money laundering software allows:

  • Registers, accounts and movements to be batch fed
  • The management and feed of the Special Computer Archive
  • Accumulation of fractioned transactions
  • Production of all legal control and consultation statements
  • A function creating AUI files in ministerial format
  • Preparation of files for monthly reporting of S.AR.A. data aggregates
  • Generation of the monthly report for feeding the Revenue Agency reporting



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