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Lists for Customer Due Diligence

The EasyCheck software allows you to consult all the lists of evidence provided by the AML legislation for the customer due diligence, both in the start-up phase of each customer’s relationship and in the constant monitoring phase.

The type of lists to be enabled in the software is defined on the basis of the specific needs of the intermediary, the peculiarity of the activity carried out by the intermediary, the segmentation of customers and the products offered by the intermediary and any other parameters.

Some of the most well-known evidence lists that can be queried on the application, after having directly purchased from the relative suppliers, are:

  • PEP data base updated according the European Regulations (and the Legislative Decree 90/2017)
  • Crimes Asset Base (CRIME)
  • Italian Politics Base (PIL)
  • Blacklist & Watchlist
  • Radiated / suspended financial promoter lists
  • IllegalBase Game Site Lists
  • UN, OFAC and FBE lists
  • private lists of obligated subjects

It’s possible to choose the best solution for monitoring requirements through:

  • Batch module, for massive scans
  • Web Application, to counter interface
  • Web Service for integration with departmental systems
  • Data Queue module, for integration with the host/ as400/ mainframe.

EasyCheck software interface makes possible:

The traceability of operations
Automatic update of lists you decide to buy from
The most imprtant suppliers of Lists
The determination of false positives
The approximate Research Department and the logic connected
The possibility of adding private lists
Easy to feed through paths

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