SEFIN Easy Banca d'Italia

IAS-IFRS accounting standards (Basel 2 regulation)

SEFIN provides a solution that allows Financial Intermediaries to manage its business in compliance with the IAS-IFRS accounting standards.

The EasyIAS solution consists of a set of calculation engines supplemented by a component for the acquisition, verification and assessment of the accuracy, consistency and completeness of the information (IAS Input), by a Simulation Environment and by the information delivery component (IAS Output).

IAS-IFRS accounting standards: the EasyIAS solution features

  • recalculation of the financial statements in accordance with the IAS-IFRS accounting standards
  • preparation of the Notes to the financial statements
  • use of the data of the financial statements prepared in accordance with the IAS/IFRS accounting standards for preparation of the Regulatory Compliance Reporting – Basel 2 regulation