Financial Intermediaries Art.106 TUB

Software & Services

Are you enrolled in the Register of Financial Intermediaries Article 106, Legislative Decree 385/93 (TUB) or are you waiting the Bank of Italy approvement? SEFIN provides to you software tools, services and consulting for all the reporting obligations.

With Circular 288 of 3 April 2015, the Bank of Italy has imposed a new scheme of prudential supervision “equivalent” to that of banks. With this new system, the companies registered in the general list Article 106 TUB, are required to meet a whole series of new reporting requirements already provided for intermediaries registered with the previous special article 107, Legislative Decree 385/93 (TUB).

Solutions for financial intermediaries Article 106 TUB:

The Bank of Italy Supervision

ANTI-USURY reporting service


The Revenue Agency reporting service

Fraud prevention: whistleblowing

Business software

Flexible management solutions for Factoring, Leasing, Loans, and NPL (Non Performing Loans)

Consultancy EBI 106

Professional assistance to complete enrollment in the new register of financial intermediaries Article 106 TUB (analysis requirements, application, business plan, definition, reporting activity…