Financial Intermediaries Art.106 TUB

Software & Services

Are you enrolled in the Register of Financial Intermediaries Article 106, Legislative Decree 385/93 (TUB) or are you waiting the Bank of Italy approvement? SEFIN provides to you software tools, services and consulting for all the reporting obligations.

With Circular 288 of 3 April 2015, the Bank of Italy has imposed a new scheme of prudential supervision “equivalent” to that of banks. With this new system, the companies registered in the general list Article 106 TUB, are required to meet a whole series of new reporting requirements already provided for intermediaries registered with the previous special article 107, Legislative Decree 385/93 (TUB).

Solutions for financial intermediaries Article 106 TUB:

Reporting service to the Bank of Italy


Reporting service to the Revenue Agency

Fraud prevention: whistleblowing

Contract Management Systems

Solutions for Factoring, Consumer credit, Salary-backed (personal) loan [Italy], Leasing, Funds, Non-Performing Loans, Master Servicer.

Consulting & Support

Professional consulting during the enrollment process into the register of financial intermediaries Article 106 TUB (analysis, business plan, definition, reporting activity…)