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Supervisory reporting for SGRs (asset management companies)

Thanks to the SEFIN VIP software, we provides the complete management of the supervisory reporting for the asset management companies, following the Circular n. 189 of October 21 1993.

Exemple of timeline and content reporting for an asset management company

Reporting Section Content Reporting Date Input date
TS I-II-III-IV-V Balance sheet data, portfolio, shares structure, shares value,

fees and commissions

Monthly (24° working day following the accounting date) Within the 10th day
T2 II-III Regulatory capital and capital requirements, statistical information Quarterly Within the 10th day
TA I Balance sheet data Within the 24th day of Janauary

Within the 24th day of July

Within Jan 10th

Within Jul 10th

II Portfolio structure
III Shares status
IV Shares value
V Financial flows Within February 25th

Within August 25th

Within Jan 31th

Within Jul 31th

TB VI Statement of activities Within the 25th of the following month of the statement approval date Within the 10th day of the following month of the statement approval date



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