EBI Bank Branches

Software & Services for Bank Branches article 13 reporting obligations

Integrated tools & services for the Bank Branches article 13 Legislative Decree 385/93 register.

SEFIN provides software and outsourcing services to the Italian branches of foreign banks in order to be compliant with all the regulations.
With our experience alongside our “Bank Branches” customers, it was born a unique and comprehensive solution to integrate Regulatory and Matrix Reports with communications to the Central Credit Register of The Bank of Italy.

ERMES for Bank Branches article 13 TUB

EBI Bank Branches article 13: the complete solution

The reporting activity for Bank Branches

EBI allows you to easily, and thouroughly manage the reporting to the Bank of Italy and The Revenue Agency.

Consulting & Support for Bank Branches

SEFIN provides IT, organisational, regulatory affairs advises dedicated to your business processes.

SEFIN can handle every aspect of the procedures required:


Matrix integrated reporting solution developed for Bank branches

  • Base “A1”
  • Base “A2”
  • Base “A3”
  • Base “A4”
  • Base “A5”
  • Base “W”
  • Base “Y”
Reporting to the Central Risk
Loss Given Default reporting


Anti-usury reporting


Anti-money laundering AUI software
AUI Diagnostic
Aggregate Anti-money laundering reporting (S.A.R.A.)
Customer Due Diligence
Anti-money laundering questionnaire
Abnormal Behavoiur Detection


Financial survey
Reporting to Tax Register Information System
FATCA reporting


Fraud prevention: whistleblowing